Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Planet in Fury

You’re the drunken devil on my shoulder
the space-angel
to the left of every-one else
a painless alarm
with soo many stingers
the advanced collective
ignoring wit and will
an audible secret
and unexpected return
to a beautiful space
where did you go that made you come back?
the purity of notions
that ignites wars and wants
from a distance
a 12 degree slant
a 2 AM rant
turns into an invitation for devastation
and in one fantastic night of terror....
uhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm

Namikawa circa 1966 (Ultra Violet)

Another anxious sunrise
that lands below your feet
we have a tendency to guess recklessly
and effortless
holding one palm
to the side of my hairless head
the easy down-slide to your ankles
then lower
there’s nothing left
you think
like the capsized exo-skin
of some reptilian druid
from what we were
slam and be slammed
severely, nightly
collapsing a wall a minute
100 frames per second
devastation and moon-beams
hit your eyes
I love that ya know.

21st Century M

It’s the chrome hardware
that really held and holds me
the fact that letting go
was in the guarantee
and we knew
but I forgot to know then
envious of all things geographical
the cause
the effect
the hum I still hear
the horror TV and the lights of color
that never forgot she was here
10 inked digits
to map an unknown universe
that eventually had to be
why does this sudden out burst make me smile now?
like a painting with a no surface...yet
an entire planet to color and sew
every moment inspiring the next
every obvious curl
an opening to something else
my funni fucking brain
that’s not so funni sometimes
but always true to the “real” and here
forgotten or not
it’s the travel I miss
varied drinks
the faces we made
and still make
it’s never really about the answers


Godzilla as Environmental Activist

If you watch one Godzilla flic this year (or EVER) make it Gozilla vs. Hedorah! (the smog monster)

In a nutshell:

Godzilla steps into full superhero mode here. Hedorah (the name comes from the word 'hedoro' meaning 'sludge'), a monster born in the waters from humanity's pollution, rapidly mutates into a jelly-like giant that comes ashore in Japan and starts wreaking havoc and turning humans into skeletons. Godzilla answers the call to save humanity. But Hedorah is a fearsome foe, armed with laser eyes, poison gas, and toxic spit-balls! Godzilla won't have an easy time, but maybe the scientists and the military can lend a hand with their electrode device. In between scenes of monsters battling, you can hang out with Japanese teens (wearing fish-heads) at a disco and watch the psychadelic acid pattern show on the wall. Or just listen to the amazing soundtrack....

SUPERIOR CHEESY Entertainment!

Exhibitions - CRAZY kinda cool

So as of yesterday I guess there are 3 exhibitions that I'll have work in so far this year:

-March 7th in San Francisco (4 - 5 pieces)

-March 15th in Atlanta (12 pieces)

-and Now April 6th in Seattle (3 pieces)

as well as a March / April feature in Secret Magazine

I'll be showing all new works at these which I'm pretty excited about. I do believe that in the past year (with the help of a cool friend) the work has grown and perhaps gone places that it had not been previously. It'll be interesting to see how it's received.

as well as a March / April feature in Secret Magazine

Man oh man when it rains...(uh insert cliche' here)

I'll prolly post more info soon =)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Terror from Beneath the Sea

where is that water now
that humbles and renders us
those tunes we hummed
all those singular memories
did any of it even actually happen?
a vile disconnect
the days...like an incurable virus
forcing unspoken disdain
those stoned moments
the outer rim
how i seem to anti-matter
the photos are devastating still
though amazing in their creation
the odd destinations
the aimless adventures
a savior in a cloak of my own words
100 pieces of pure repetition
the obviously calculated “check-ins”
from 50 fathoms and beyond
i’m now that hideous creature
kept on a leash
and puzzled as to how this came to be
did you realize what you were saying?
as you said it
who you were holding
as you held-on
creating a cringing creature in withdrawal
just one of many links
i suppose
it’s been a long and cold climb down
ya know
and I’ve still not reached “me”
or that re-defined version
that I think i’m seeking
ambient or not.

Frankenstein Conquers The World

the assumed cohesion
an implied connection
randomly placed city-scapes
physical and emotional escapes
your bi-polar temperature
unchecked and dominant
the over-calculated points of departure
strange and jarring returns
like those amazing 80’s re-runs
“Fault” is not in your landscape
unless of course it’s someone else’s
It’s raining today
cuz it seems too cold for rain
maybe it’s global wetting
maybe gravity is just fucked up
but I’m no scientist
we hear those beats again
in bubbles
in angles and ageless
in their not-so-popular forms
every lever you pull
every lever you push
every letter you omit
every letter you don’t send
as much as the last
your city destroyed...again
the sharpest sound of guilt
tossed around like a soaked seal
the bitter pain of blame
shoved forward...like...
like “a rat on fire”
or an insomniac somnambulist
brittle and battered
‘til full retreat
unlike all those others
this particular tale ends in varying shades
of gray.

Devil Girl From Mars

I will destroy everything
anything that carries your name
or face
anywhere you’ve slept without me
anyone you’ve fucked besides me
the peripheral slide
an opaque screen
airtight, un-lifted
there’s always too many miles between us
or maybe not enough
a mellow scalding with your voice
that can melt even me...everytime
and all your digital boys
I can feel numb like you
when the medication works right
like last night
unwound and shifted
we can make this all go away with 3 simple words
think about it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

She Thing

I’ve never known you to lick and leave
to bite and be bitten
without provocation
I’ve never known you to care long enough
to actually see
what has always been here
there are galaxies and galaxies of heartless beings
headless things and substance fiends
where nothing mellow ever surfaces
like goose bumps on Novocain
you walk barefoot
on my floor
as if to rub it all in
it seems like I always have to choke
to be heard
and hurt
to be seen
or shown
how stupid I am
and how peripheral all this actually is
and by the way
if this universe is really so damn vast
then how is it that you found me?

Destroy All Planets

it all feels like some surrealistic cartoon
an endless animated loop
or that tiny thread of spit
that connects now with then
every door should open inwards
and every sting should determine our next move
the dissonance and the distance
a communication in exile
has my language become that foreign to you?
a chilling rash of electronic speak
the unfilled cavities
moments that defy definition
is there a number for this particular cloud?
the miles
and the miles
and the miles yet to come
flowing images of pure inspiration
predetermined touches in technicolor
permanent signatures
and abbreviations
and timeless
I’m still that perfect illustration
that trusted illusion
that welcomed calm
for now and...
i’m still trying to process all of it
by the second, the minute, the hour, days and and
i know I’m weak & dwelling
i know I’m wrecked and failing
one toxin at a time
every chord
dissconnecting...one at a time
the subtle flashes of light
and the softest pillows
like that night
in the back seat
of that car
at big surr
wet yet weightless
thinking yet thoughtless
and the universal silence and warmth
a slowly drifting process
a fading conciseness and imagined farewells
the skeletons that never leave
will dissipate this time....
i hope
...this last time
i hope.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Scientist

Where were you in 1984?
what excuse could there be for falling for the same fucking trix
for the last eighteen years, two months, and two days
is it geography or laziness that forges these loops
that create and define you?
conquer then bleed you
strange that I should even care
or write
struggle or bite for the very same device
your science is an idiots hornie glare
where chaotic collisions perpetuate bad dreams
that seem to have no end
I'm a breath of stale air
floating through as a reminder
flaming towards the same reversal
perverse and stagnate
a bastard of invention
these beautiful things always scab...and return
become frustrated...then leave
and while "they" are your trash....."you" are ours...
and "we" are their's
and "they" are yours...
a failing formula for a growing breed
virtual threats and fantasies
coupled with a low IQ
can damage and destroy anything thinkable
or tangible
if it's warm...you'll fuck it, send it away, then fuck it again

She Thing

I’ve never known you to lick and leave
to bite and be bitten
without provocation
I’ve never known you to care long enough
to actually see
what has always been here
there are galaxies and galaxies of heartless beings
headless things and substance fiends
where nothing mellow ever surfaces
like goose bumps on Novocain
you walk barefoot
on my floor
as if to rub it all in
it seems like I always have to choke
to be heard
and hurt
to be seen
or shown
how stupid I am
and how peripheral all this actually is
and by the way
if this universe is really so damn vast
then how is it that you found me?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Horror Hotel

the comfort of an alien bed
a familiar warmth
in an unknown town
the fog of not knowing
or wanting to
the 10 ingrained digits
and fire
Elvis never slept here
but that’s ok
cuz we did
the thickest atmosphere
the fragrance of clove
those distances drove
miles and miles of silence
and laughter
moments of pure substance
images upon images
of Life
of a Monopoly in Candyland
the confused levels of comfort
the one to one
that disappears with the distance
Pete Shelley never lied
(as far as I can tell)
I dedicate my socks to you
almost everyday
a Stieglitz like obsession
for which I’d apologize...if I could
I’m a broken record
I can even spell
more than your initials
or that initial circumstance
we’re closer than we think
my mohawk and me will always miss you.

Sunday Self Portraits...


I want to blend as if never there
till you think that you’ve felt me
so that no-one can explain me
or exploit that thought or vision that held you
there’s a dead end twist to this science
an angular atmosphere
you’ll never enter
like some page of blocked out text
or a sphere of fucked up sounds
that you barely understand
or even try to
and I know if you connect the dots
I’ll still be that Unlovable Forgotten Other.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Inspiration (and distraction) from funny sources...

What is it about Japanese women from outer-space (circa 1964-1971) that is so damn cool and appealing? What is it about guys in big monster suites wrestling and destroying fake cities that is so damn intriguing? Mix these two elements and in my brain you have the PERFECT movie. I was driving to Louisville at 5:45 am this morning and just kind of daydreaming about some of my favorite scenes from a number of films, War of the Gargantuas, Destroy all Monsters, Destroy all Planets, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, Ghidarah the Three Headed Monster, Frankenstein Conquers the World, The Mysterians, Space Amoeba, and a bunch more. Somehow just sort of pondering them and the strange images makes me think of words and photographs in a way I've not thought about them in a long time if ever. Some years ago when my writing was at it's most prolific point it was the combination of 50's Sci Fi and the pain of certain realizations that fueled the content and the amount in which I was able to write / express. This period may be very similar in certain aspects. Anyhow I guess when inspiration flows ya just have to go with it no matter what the source and it will indeed help keep me going until i make the changes i need to......hmmm what should I watch tonight...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Queen of the Amazons

That strange rescue that found me
an obvious exchange
of thought, images, and timeless need
I would have traveled a billion miles
to feel that
if only for a second
the beautiful bottom five
locking lips...in a ruby room
endless drives
to the edge of your world
the alien anticipation that won't dissolve
not even now
this pit is bottomless
and care free
even as I write
you reflect
a savior disguised as wine
unspoken destinations
like some sonic rebellion
amidst a pure and sublime calm
the friend I never lost
not even for a second
the late night calls
emotional pitfalls
and a million shared illusions
why aren’t you here?
or me there?
but we both know and knew
timing is everything
or is it...as it is...or was?
there’s a story in my head for every second
a memory for every sight and sound
and sacred touch
like some utopian ballet
we kissed
without thinking
or blinking
then stopped
but you know
and I know
I’ve never left.

Very Odd an Spooky, Indiana

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Evansville, Indiana

No words...just a picture.

King Ghidarah

Like the Queen of nothing
with six blinded eyes
three simple minds
300 ways to say “fuck you”
3000 days to get through
just enough lies to save every face
a destroyer of your own worlds
of those meaning-filled words
of an unforeseeable future
an invader of time
that killer of all space
to the now invisible coast
the now forgotten costs
I turned to glass
and liquid
through those hours
as every second passed
like nails
the three headed freak
the falsely lead idiot
turbulence and treachery
a mission beyond the stars
violent and chilled
the three hooded ghost
that never leaves
you’re sill the king
of "it"
for now
so enjoy that slide
till that end of everything.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monster Zero

It’s always too late to call
it’s always semi-stupid to think of
anything else crueler than you
that space that ends in “the unknown”
another place to drive to...
in order to not be here
I never failed as often as the first time I saw you
a black sketch for every missed hour or day
or week
a love bent backwards
in a constant state of regression
there’s a picture for every lame excuse we held
to not bother
a map of colored foot-prints
those experiences...in polaroid
a spiral of substances
viral intrusions
every clinging idiocy
every fucked up odyssey
while you count on something we'll never be
where is that drunken swirl?
That helps to dissipate your face
where is that familiar phrase?
that summed up that mini-century called “us”
Your narrow world will be crushed
then implode
and you’ll be the only Monster at ground zero.

Destroy All Monsters

That loneliest island
the terror of your interior
moving downward
in a bright and beautiful storm
in the arms that harm
those unnegotiable demons
the steady stream of un-communication
and the calm excuse of distance
a savior in a flying saucer
an irreversible stare
while those buildings burn...again
I’d drive forever
and you know it
patterns of disbelief
the sickening slide and walks to nowhere
houses still burning
eyes still blurring
it’s mass destruction and heartless quiet
confusion is no protector
no creative resolve
the impossible compression
2300 miles to chaos
2300 miles to sanity
2300 miles to nowhere at all
the space collapses
with air...thinning
where is that island of monsters?
that horrible thought
and mental mis-cue
space is not the place
for a being in flux
for a final approach
or an aborted mission
pre-destined or not
those monsters are gone.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


For some reason I'm totally inspired to write brought on by the past years events and also by watching old and amazing Japanese Kaiju films and TV shows. Here is the first of many pieces that will be coming from this new inspiration. = )


I am
the remover of the edge
I am
trance inducing
without fear
without pain
without thought
outside of everything
I am
a golden being
without tears
numb to everyone
I am
that stable something
that solid-esque rock
made of dust
an emotionless sponge
a prophet of support
I am
weakless and narrow
vivid recklessness
flawed perfection
a silent siren
a plague of warning
I am
handsomely invisible
horridly flexible
a blind post
complex and obvious
shallow and warm
forever OK
I am


Appliances have gone berserk
I can not keep up
Treading on people's toes
Snot-nosed little punk

And I can't face the evening straight
you can offer me escape
Houses move and houses speak
If you take me there you'll get relief
Believe, believe, believe, believe...

And if I'm gonna talk
I just wanna talk
Please don't interrupt
Just sit back and listen

Cause I can't face the evening straight
you can offer me escape
Houses move and houses speak
If you take me there you'll get relief
Believe, believe, believe, believe...

It's too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much
Too bright
Too powerful

Too much

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reckoner....for YOU


Can you take it with you
Disavow your pleasure

You were not to blame for
Bittersweet distractors
Dare not speak his name
Dedicated to all you
All your needs

Because we separate
It ripples on a blank shore
Because we separate
It ripples on a blank shore


Dedicated to all you
All your needs

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year....

2008, this is the first new year in a long time that I enter not knowing a damn thing about what to expect. So much happened last year both amazing and crippling. I enter this year with no real "nu-vision" of myself, I have some ideas but I have no clue how they will pan out. I feel a bit trapped, alone, creatively at a real cross-roads, and emotionally numb. In a way it's like being kind of a kid again...I can do anything I want really, but the practical "older person" in me is keeping me in check or even holding me back maybe. My brain has had to totally shift gears in many ways these past few months, I'm still trying to process much of it and I have no Idea what the outcome of all that processing will be, I'm just trying to remain somewhat focused and somewhat open to whatever but I must admit at times the fear, the anxiousness, and the sadness of it all feels like way more than I can handle. TIME I guess (fucking cliche'), first and foremost I know I have to get the fuck outta this town and back to the west. From there who the fuck knows. Sometimes I just want to sleep and wake up years from now with little or no memories of 2007...sometimes but then I'd be missing a fuck-load of amazing memories if I did that, maybe some of the best of my adult life maybe.

As for ART I'm starting to look backwards at work I've done and trying to formulate where the current work should go (the above image was done in 1996) I know myself and what I love and what elements need to be present, I'm just not sure how to move it all forward, how to move myself and my mind forward, when I was a kid there were easy answers or at least easy distractions from the answers. I'm interested to see what unfolds in the next few months, there is really nothing at all that I'm looking forward to even though I have some (what should be fun) stuff to do, it all seems so insignificant right now. I need to sleep more and think less maybe. The drag is that right now everything is a reminder of something I don't want to think about, The trip back to California just made it more clear where I want to be and where I DON'T want to be. If nothing else 2008 should be a pivotal if not defining year and that in itself is exciting indeed.