Friday, March 6, 2009

Noise Annoys and other Modern Myths

I think it can be said that the more one listens to and exposes oneself to sonically the higher tolerance and appreciation for sound / music / noise that one acquires. This is most certainly true in my case and it’s not a matter of desensitization but that of creating a more varied and ultimately superbly sensitive pallet for sounds and notes. Music and inspiration comes from everywhere, anywhere, from the electronic vibrations picked up by Voyager in deep space to your neighbor’s garage door opening on some windy winter walk around 4 am. All beings find different sounds to be pleasant or unpleasant, but can one really trust the ears of someone that has not exposed themselves to the widest range of actual “hearing”? And is it really enough to simply hear and respond? I think…NO! What it is really all about is LISTENING, DEEP LISTENING, sometimes even EASY LISTENING and then trying to understand that which you have just heard and it’s “true” context while denying the tendency of immediate reaction (positive or negative). It takes time, patience, a commitment, Its LIFE.
In the end it is a dispassionate lack of knowledge and understanding or trying to understand that ANNOYS not NOISE. Great song though.

*Now re-read and apply to seeing & being = P*

John Cage – Water Walk
Martin Denny
Incapacitants live 1991

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